Welcome to darling astronaut! A space created with the desire to create and show a peek into my view of the world. Come in, take a look, have a cup of coffee or a drink of your choice and let’s create together!

Bem-vindos a darling astronaut!  Um espaço criado para criar e mostrar a minha visão do mundo. Entre, sinta-se em casa, dê uma espiada, tome um café ou a bebida de sua escolha, e vamos criar juntos!

I’m Aline, photographer and creative born in Brazil but raised in South Africa. Although I have always loved painting and drawing I decided to focus on photography. I studied journalistic photography at the Institute Arcos in Santiago, Chile.  It wasn’t until recently that I started receiving commissions to illustrate. I decided that I loved creating, using any form avaliable. darling astronaut  was created, after I decided to open a small shop online. darling astronaut reminds me  that although an astronaut is always looking to space and beyond, he knows that part of him will always want to find a home and a place to belong.

For commissions, please contact me at aline.msc@gmail.com and for more information on me follow on twitter and instagram.