As she got ready, I kept imagining butterflies in her stomach, as the anxiety and nervousness settled in. So many years waiting for the day to come and it all goes by so fast. I think the moment you start getting ready, time gives you a break. You live in the anticipation for a bit. There’s something beautiful about that.

I’m not sure though, these were the thoughts that went my mind as I took these pictures.

you are to me the rain,
before it chooses to fall,
anticipation of soothing drops
dripping on my cheek.
I wait and I wait and I wait,
the sky keeps hinting your presence
teasing me with its whiteness
then it cries softly
cascading slowly.
you are to me the rain,
the swelling of many years of wandering,
wondering when I’d see these clouds
that would grace my desert days.

(inspired by e.e cummings’s I have found what you are
the rain)