(Translation )

I took some time today to dream.

My day began earlier, I woke up to messages on my phone and it gave me the sensation that waiting period had come to an end. It didn’t mean that I still didn’t have my doubts. But I felt that my heart had made a decision.

So today, I let myself dream. I let my thoughts fly. I stopped my mind from saying, “this isn’t possible,” and I even heard myself saying, “this is possible”. I won’t know unless I try. So, I will try it.

Lately I’ve been feeling a bit lost, my efforts have not led me in any direction, and really, there have been a lot of things I have tried to do. I have had my disappointments and in other moments, I felt like nothing was happening.

It’s frustrating.  It seems like it’s not mean to be and yet, you can’t imagine doing anything else.

People would tell me, “be patient,” and I felt like screaming, “patient is all I have”, others would tell me, “don’t give up”, and I wanted to whisper, “please, let me give up.”

There are many negative thoughts

Sleepless nights

And you think that they’ll never come to an end, that it will always be like this.

“Times are hard for dreamers,” says Amelie

and you think to yourself, maybe it’s time to face reality.

Don’t stop dreaming. Allow these inner battles with yourself and the world, show you your priorities. What’s important. What you want to keep. What is that thing that brings you happiness and peace.

Keep going. Let yourself dream with eyes open. Sit and imagine what you want from your life. Then, take a step, then two, then three and hold onto hope. Things will fall into place and you will see that your efforts weren’t in vain.