The sun shone brightly that day, the small butterfly flitted and fluttered around the statue. She loved her home, it was so high up, she felt she was living in the sky. On this particular day, she saw a crowd of people walking up to see the monument. She couldn’t blame them, it was something else seeing it up close. She had the opportunity to see his face and all the world below. She didn’t mind sharing him with everyone else. She just wondered if they knew what it meant to be so close to him. Her wings never grew weary as she went back between the statue and her favorite flowers. That night, she couldn’t imagine a better life than doing the same thing, over and over again, and feeling that each time she went to gaze at his face, there was something different she could notice. She hoped that feeling would never go away. The sky began to darken and she could see its colors turning, from light blue to navy and then to an almost dark purple. There were a few stars who came out to shine and she decided it was finally time to find a resting place. She flew one last time to the top, to his face, and landed lightly on his nose. The little butterfly looked out, observed the faraway lights and fell asleep.